If you choose a product from De Reuver knitted fashion, you are not only choosing a beautifully knitted product of high quality. You also opt for sustainability.

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All our knitted products are produced according to – and always tested against – our BeHonest quality mark. This quality mark shows how we consciously deal with quality and sustainability and we show by whom the clothing and accessories are being made.

BeHonest stands for:

De Reuver knitted fashion BeHonest 100% Nederlands

100% Dutch
All products with the BeHonest quality mark are knitted in our own knitting factory De Reuver in Gelderse Boven Leeuwen. Additions such as embroidery that complete our knitting are also carried out in The Netherlands. This gives us continuous control over working conditions and quality.

De Reuver knitted fashion BeHonest 100% duurzaam

For us, sustainability is all about people, the environment and society. We take good care of our environment and the people who work for us. We only produce with high-quality yarn and recycle our residual products, so that we can then produce new items from them.

De Reuver knitted fashion BeHonest passie

‘With passion’
Knitting is in our hearts. The craft has been handed down from generation to generation, so that our collections are being produced with passion and craftsmanship. You see that and you feel it.

De Reuver knitted fashion BeHonest familiebedrijf sinds 1951

Family business since 1951
Erna is the third generation within the family business De Reuver. Her grandfather bought his first knitting machine in 1951, which laid the foundation for a beautiful Dutch production company. Succeeding her father who took over the baton in 1966, Erna has been proudly at the helm of the knitting factory since 2000. With beautiful collections and the most modern knitting machines, De Reuver knitted fashion in The Netherlands has the largest production capacity of knitted products. [Read the whole story here]

De Reuver knitted fashion BeHonest kijk mee

Take a look
The coffee is ready and our door is open for you. We are proud of our company and want to show everyone how our products are being made. You are kindly invited for a tour to see the knitting process. Watch how your ideas are being developed by us into a beautiful end product.

De Reuver knitted fashion BeHonest beste prijs kwaliteit verhouding
Mutual benefit You can order directly from the knitting factory through our webshop. As a result, there is no long list of intermediaries, so we can offer a fair and competitive price. By keeping the complete process of production, packaging and shipping in-house, we can also provide an optimal price and quality guarantee. This is good for you, for us and ultimately for everyone.



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